Zozio - Artificial Intelligence

Predictive logistics

To automate logistics, it is necessary to know the location of the goods. Thanks to our solution, you can locate all your stocks to within 15cm. You have access to the data through a web application specially designed for your needs. Every time a container is moved. The positions are automatically updated. On the web application, we offer you to implement your own logistics system (LIFO, FIFO, etc.). Depending on the location of the containers, the web application calculates in real time the movements to be made.
image/svg+xml Supply of reference X128328 to machining +30sec Supply of reference Y3292JL at assembly +3min Bring three empty containers to storage +2min Supply of reference Y3292JL at assembly Supply of reference Y3292JL at assembly +14min +16min
image/svg+xml Stockage FDZ89 Stockage EKZ56 YTZ 89 MNZ 89

Inventory analysis

Products manufactured by a company are increasingly traced to meet standards and requirements in the event of an accident. Thanks to our plotter, you can know the exact route taken by each product. No more operator is required to enter the product position at any given time. Everything is done automatically! We offer you a robust, reliable and efficient solution to know the exact path of all your goods!
Of course, you can add the information you need on each product: automatically or manually.

Real-time traffic management

The safety of employees is at the heart of companies' concerns. To do this, we have designed an anonymous localization solution for your employees. Whether an employee operates under a heavy load or operates alone in a dangerous area, an alert is sent to the referents. The surrounding machines can be automatically stopped in the event of danger to the operator. The objective is to considerably reduce the number of dangerous situations in production and maintenance in the industry.